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We welcomed 4/20 like any white collar worker fearing National Drug Testing Day on 4/21. We listened to stoner music but didn't partake in the ritual of 4/20. That said we did write a couple of scripts on the subject of 4/20. But before we get to those, we have to disc...

Table Reads

Another batch of triples, we read 3 scripts.

The first script was a local Atlanta script. Christian H. and Brett R. were at Film Monday around Atlanta, GA and met Sir Django. After learning about the script, Sir Django partnered with the pair to write the "Fr...

We had another successful Super Saturday March 9th 2019!

Register for the next Super Saturday, March 23rd!

Table Reads

As always we read 3 scripts and we had great feedback.

The first was a script titled "What To Do With Them". The debate of the script centered on the crim...