Planning an Open Mic Night 101

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We know something about planning an Open Mic Night. It’s fun. Good vibes. But what is required?

A few things.

At Social House, we start with the basics.

You need good audio equipment. Speakers. Mixer. Microphones. And finally a PC to run everything. The specifications are important as each piece of equipment needs to interact with the other. Nothing worse than a low sounding microphone or constant feedback from the speakers. We recommend professionals handle this. Fortunately on our end, we have experience in production.

But even conference rooms have impressive audio equipment for board meetings. The heart and soul of an Open Mic Night are 2 elements: the vibe and talent.

Keep in mind, not everyone is a seasoned artist trying to get their art out to the world. Some folks are working up the courage to perform for the first time or shy in general. Being welcoming but also friendly for seasoned artists is the middle ground. Not easy.

And of course the talent. Putting together the right run of show is key. Will it be 10 out 10 performances hit it out the park? Probably not. People are late. Audio files don’t work. Equipment issues. Things happen. What happens if half the open mic performers cancel? This is where to put energy. It’s a fine line of managing logistics and possessing a high emotional IQ.

If it were easy, everyone would do it. But if you’re someone thinking about planning an Open Mic Night, then make sure Social House is on your list of venues! Our space has great acoustics and is intimate. Artists love performing here and the audience enjoys the space.

Thanks for reading!

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