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Dealing With Procrastination

December 9, 2016

As you know the Welcome To The Wall Atlanta Podcast is about breaking down topics and helping others succeed through the experience and best practices of others. That said, let's address procrastination.


It's been written and there is a TED talk about this, but some of us can get things fast with great results, but waiting until the last minute is not beneficial either. Scroll down after you watch this video:



If you are dreading completing something, simply look at what has to be done and maybe try completing about 5% of the task and step away from the task.


What happens is your brain is still processing the task unconsciously and that's where you get ideas out of nowhere like when you're writing that paper and suddenly think of a better angle for your analysis. Those "a ha" moments are more likely to happen if you looked at the material already. We all have things we dread completing. So simply look at the task from start to finish and that way you at least have a gauge and understand what needs to be done. Totally avoiding the task does not help.


Try this and let us know via email or in the comment box this helps at all.

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