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Life With Chevrolet Volt Vol. 1

May 19, 2017


You've seen them around town. Electric and Plug In Hybrid cars are slowly becoming popular with certain groups of buyers. Are they smug self serving environmentally friendly tree huggers? I am a fan of sustainability but don't consider a hippie but then again is a hippie such a bad label? Assuming I am self sufficient and support free market enterprise, a hippie is simply someone who is progressive for their time and open to new ideas.


My journey for a car purchase immediately went towards a plug in hybrid. For those unfamiliar, a plug in hybrid car is a car able to exclusively use electricity as fuel for a limited amount of miles before using gasoline.


I didn't consider my car decision of a plug in hybrid to be environmentally friendly one the onset. It was really about the economics. Living in the inner city means alot of sitting in traffic or stop and go traffic. While gasoline cars are becoming as efficient as ever, the best automakers to get higher miles per gallon is have the cylinders shut off when the car is idle. In general I see the combustion as past its life cycle; Anything close to 100 years old is bound to be replaced soon on some level and Tesla is strong evidence of this.


I have a certain distaste for what I feel is archaic or draconian; obviously there are caveats but in my position I could take advantage of good Consumer Reports data since I was buying an used car, there was data on plug in hybrids so the reliability is there - so the early adopter risk is somewhat eliminated.



Watching "The Jetsons" as a child, the future was a place of wonder; flying cars, robots as maids, and technological wizardry. On one hand, we're seeing the future before our very eyes but on another hand, given the behavior of Comcast and OPEC, maintaining the status quo instead of advancing the future. Our politics are still fighting about the same issues from the Bush and Clinton administration. Immigration, government overreach, and energy policy are very important but I'd like to move on from these issues onto something a bit more substantial.


I was able to find an affordable car with everything I wanted. The Chevrolet Volt was my first, second, and third choice. It provides me with 40 miles of all electricity and then a gasoline tank for about 300 of gasoline range. I preferred this over the Nissan Leaf because I may not be able to charge and I didn't want to risk being stuck somewhere. The Volt is not slow by any means. When I first started driving, I had to use the idea of minimal delay of acceleration. A gasoline car requires a chemical process to power the car - I accidentally pressed the accelerator too hard in the Volt making the tires squeal. Turning in the car is fun and I consistently find cornering to be a breeze. 


My primary issue at this point is a possible recharge for the air conditioner. Being in the deep South during the climate change era, temperatures in the 80s and 90s are a regular occurrence. Otherwise, being a millennial, charging a laptop and smartphone are part of my routine, so getting used to charging a car was an easy adjustment.

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