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Watching Playoff Games at Sports Bars vs At Home?


With the NBA finals close, a question a few people including myself have is whether to go out somewhere or stay in.


Stay In?


Like anything it depends. How much value do you put on going out? Why would pay to go out versus go to a friends home or stay home yourself?


Renters or Roommates: Depending on your living situation, you may want to entertain or you may not. Thinking of my previous apartment which had poor insulation, roaches, and at times no outside building lighting, there was pause to invite people over.


Nor would you want to invite people over if you have a weird or awkward roommate.


A simple rule is putting yourself in the shoes of your guest. Would I want to come to a stinky stuffy dirty apartment with a weird roommate in the vicinity?


If you have the place to entertain, then stay home for sure. If it's you and a date, then staying can be cool. If it's the close friends just hanging then maybe. Otherwise just go out.


Going Out?


Unless you've been there, this can be a crap shoot. If you really want to enjoy the game but the volume is down because they are playing music, then that's not the ideal experience. But you also run the risk of the over the top group of fans coming to yell at flat screen TVs.


Should you eat before the game? Maybe. This all depends if you're the organizer, coming from work, going home first, or would rather eat at home than at the sports bar to save money. I personally don't mind sports bar food. But considering the amount of playoff games there are, it's much cheaper to just stay in.


Also think about the placement of TVs. There are times you have to deal with a turning your neck at a weird angle to see the game.


Going to sports bar is about the communal aspect and feeling the energy of it all. Otherwise, an intimate setting is usually better.


Talk Shit


The other reason to go to a sports bar is because you want to be that asshole who talks shit the entire time. Sure you can do this if you host a watch party at your place or go to a friends' house, but it's not the same talking shit to strangers over millionaires playing a sport.


So if you're in a combative mood and possibly ready to fight, then by all means, go to a sports bar, and whatever team the majority of the crowd is rooting for, root for the opposite!


Don't Watch At All


For times when the playoffs are going to be boring, no need to waste your time.


Like most of the nation I am ready to see the LeBron James led Cleveland Cavaliers take on the Golden State Warriors.

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