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From City to Country: Weekend Trip Recap

June 9, 2017


As someone who enjoys traveling to different countries and different cities within the United States, I would have never thought about rural areas as an ideal place to visit. I enjoy the city life - the obvious being able to take public transit and walkable places. As of late, I have noticed the trade offs of city life. But I'll get to this in a moment.


Who: Friends of mine and friends of friends

What: Traveling to Tennessee for a weekend

When: A weekend in June 2017

Where: Southeast Tennessee

How: Drove there

Why: Needed to get away for a moment


Starting with a quick pack after work I managed to forget rule number 1 for a weekend trip: always pack the night before!


We left on a Friday evening which meant I needed to shower and pack before leaving since I didn't pack previously. I say keep it basic in a single backpack:




Hair product(s)

Soap/body wash

Something to swim in

Flip flops


Change of clothes/under garments


The drive wasn't bad. Some traffic but we got there with no issue.


We ate and drank. Played Cards Against Humanity.


Next day we ate a nice breakfast, went for a hike, then chilled at the house.


 Here is where I'd say I noticed the tradeoff of living in the city; I remember taking a nap and how hard I slept. In other words the sleep I got was incredible. Living in the city is a constant education of learning to sleep through noise while also recognizing pertinent threats nearby so a selective hearing if you will. Being in Rural Tennessee is a refreshing experience as I didn't have to sleep through loud neighbors, music, or cars driving by. But on the other hand, I enjoy having neighbors I can talk to, I like the fact there are so many people around relative to the suburbs, so I am learning to reconcile enjoying city life and knowing when to take a break.




A peculiar moment was a backseat passenger, we took a wrong turn and came across a family walking. Nothing too crazy happened. What was noteworthy was a relative nonchalance as their dogs ran straight towards our vehicle and they didn't call them back.


Otherwise it was a relaxing weekend and looking forward to a future trip.


-Sir Django

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