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How I Accidentally Became A Pescatarian Pt. 1

August 3, 2017

Patience is a virtue for sure. But when it comes to my personal fitness I did not expect to see results soon, but I did expect results after a few months of training. I previously had gaps in my exercise routine and have picked it up again confident I can stick to it since I am free from the grips of grad school night classes and homework.

 But now I found myself frustrated at the lack of time to exercise. Working fulltime and wanting to get in the best shape possible I felt my best opportunity is now for fitness. However I was not cooking - I was eating out regularly. It dawned on me my calorie intake was way too high. 


Seeing a close friend of mine cook her ass during our Tennessee trip and I realized there are things I can do to make cooking easier for myself. The first thing I needed to do was eat smaller portions during lunch. Then I needed to cook when I got home. What is both healthy and cooks fast? Seafood is the answer. I went to the farmers market and bought fish steaks.


The transition has been easy. I cook fish, a starch (rice for example), and some salad (spinach) for my dinner. While I need to work on my core and oblique's - I see the results.


So my transition is based on the ease of cooking fish and seafood with the health benefits. It started off as testing the waters, cooking different kinds of fish, and seeing if there are any changes. Now I feel silly for not doing this sooner. My favorite fish at this point are amberjack, salmon, trout, and other seafood like shrimp, 


For protein, I eat scoops of peanut butter. I drink water and juice. And still enjoy junk food from time to time.


I haven't missed chicken, pork, or beef yet. We'll see how it goes.

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