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How Visiting New York City Made Me More Organized

August 3, 2017


In a city with 300-500 square foot apartments, there is a harsh realization of understanding what is important to you.


You can't hold to material things when you don't have much space. When I visited New York City I stayed with a friend and the apartment is clean and necessarily minimal. At the time I did not think much of it. But in places like New York City, high density areas make it such that one can only keep items which are practical.


When I got back to my apartment, I looked at everything I needed to toss and proceeded to throw it away. It'd be great to sell the items or give them away but I needed to get the items out of my apartment. My goal was to with the minimalism of a New York City apartment but with space of a compact Atlanta apartment.


From this point on, I've been thinking about being more organized. I disliked the idea of having items for the sake of having them. Clothes are a struggle, but now I need to go through paper and electronic components to see what can tossed.


It's taken a few weekends to get this point, but it's been well worth it. Everything is much easier. I recommend looking at your space and at everything which does not have a purpose or has not been used in 6 months.


I'll have an update soon. Until then, Happy Purging!

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