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Table Reads & Tournaments - 2.9.19

February 12, 2019

On February 9th, 2019 held our first ever Super Saturday!


The day was complete with BBQ, laughs, and ass kicking!


First we started the day with Table Reads from 3-6.




First we read the "Cherokee Chicken" script. The feedback was there was a little too much exposition.


Second we read a script written earlier in the week, "Forget  Me Nots". This was a hit and everyone enjoyed it. New stuff is almost always better than old stuff.


Lastly we read a script titled "Birthday Surprise". This script offered some moments of laughter but also controversy!


All in all, we got great feedback to help with future scripts! Thanks for everyone who came out!


Next up was the Tournament!




The game of the night was Soul Calibur 6! But first we had a mini tournament in Super Smash Bros! Of course Welcome To The Wall got beaten by an outsider who goes by the name The Number One Seed!


After that, we did a few commercials you'll see on IG soon.


Finally the tournament began!


Ultimately Bang Bang defended his title as tournament champion!


Until next time.



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