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Super Saturday 2/23/19 Summary

February 26, 2019


We had another successful Super Saturday!



Table Reads

As always we read 3 scripts and we had great feedback.


The first was a script titled "Gateway To Wizardry", a title taken from an Action Bronson song. People enjoyed the wild exaggerations but the theme of friendship was there. This was considered a good script.


The 2nd script was "Athlete Persecution". This tackled a sensitive subject and audience members considered this script to be of good quality. However, people agreed the dynamic between the father and daughter characters could have used another stronger outside perspective.


The final script was "Religious Inquiry". Through comedy we dived into the idea of what we looked like in Heaven. This was a fun script to say the least. All in all, this was a great batch of material.



This time around the tournament was a bit more chill. Before we started the main Tournament, most of us decided to chill and hang out with a few of us playing Smash or Jump Force. Once the actual Tournament was about to start, we did 2 different skits we are posting to the Instagram channel.


We played the latest Street Fighter for the tournament and Bang Bang Boomerang was unseated as the champion! A fellow gamer, streamer, and content creator, James won! Follow us on IG to see all of the photos and videos!


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