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Super Saturday 3/9/19 Summary

We had another successful Super Saturday March 9th 2019!

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Table Reads

As always we read 3 scripts and we had great feedback.


The first was a script titled "What To Do With Them". The debate of the script centered on the criminally insane and what society can do with people who are deemed unable to be "rehabilitated". Feedback included making certain more hidden and subtle as opposed to making them obvious. But this was considered their favorite script overall due to the debate it sparked.


The 2nd script was "Helping Others". This tackled a VERY sensitive subject and audience members considered this script to be funny as well. The script dealt with how it would be working at a suicide hotline and the voice actors enjoyed the twists in the script. This script sparked debate on the funding of the hotlines and raising awareness of suicide prevention. 


The final script was "High School Sweetheart". Through comedy we dived into the idea of a bachelor party with a twist. The script was sparked debate about whether someone should travel before settling down. We don't give too much away but this was considered another good script to round out to batch.



This time around the tournament was a bit more chill. Before we started the main Tournament, most of us decided to hang out and play Smash Brothers or Dragon Ball Fighterz. We also had a few additional guests - some of the gamers brought their gaming kids! We used a photo in the next event flyer! We'll do skits next time!


We played the latest Blazblue Cross Tag Battle for the tournament and Bang Bang Boomerang won again! Follow us on IG to see all of the photos and videos!


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