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Super Saturday 3/23/19 Summary


Table Reads

Another batch of triples, we read 3 scripts.


The first was a script called "Go With The Flow". This script focused on whether it was more important to foster friendship or seek opportunities to network with people who can assist you only. This script had funny moments but ultimately was not maximized. A small plot point should have been the main plot.


Script #2 was "Crude". This was everyone's favorite script. It talked about petroleum in consumer products. The dialogue kept everyone engaged but more so, the facts surprised people. Will have to repeat the formula used for this one.


The final script was "Truth or Lies" was about the idea of what occurs in Hollywood. The story is a bit much to type here, but this was the 2nd favorite behind "Crude".


We look forward to posting these episodes.




This Tournament was a flashy affair featuring Bang Bang Boomerang dressed in all gold. The game was Tekken 7. Tekken is known for the combos required to dominated enemies. No one from Welcome To The Wall or PGML won. An outsider beat everyone! A reminder to never underestimate anyone's abilities.


The tournament featured a great deal of trash talk, commentary, and press conferences. You'll want to check out the video once it's finished.


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